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Muscle Relaxation Theragun Attachments for Jigsaw

1、MATERIAL: for Jigsaw massager attachment is use soft rubber hammer provides you with a massage experience that is more comfortable and the design is ergonomic.
2、APPLICABLE SCENE: After physical training or fitness, use it can relax for the muscles of the whole body to relieve fatigue. After a day of work, use it can promoted healthy blood flow and alleviates joint pain, helps reduce muscle sorencess.
3、FEATURE: Durable, not easy to wear and can be washed directly with water. With 6 models of percussion massager tip, you can use your massager for different muscle groups.
4、Easy To Install: The position of the mounting slot does not require polishing, and the plug-and-play massager. Suitable for sports enthusiasts, weightlifters, runners, fitness products, etc.
5、Easy To Use: lightweight, safe, durable, portable, sturdy, suitable for everyone's home treatment. 15 minutes a day can relieve neck tension and is more effective than whole chiropractic therapy.

Massage Heads are using scientific vibration frequency and amplitude, easily replace.
Promoted healthy blood flow and alleviates joint pain.
Helps reduce muscle sorencess.
The standard ball is suitable for small muscle groups, the large ball is suitable for large muscle groups.
Pefect tool for Athletes powerlifters and weightlifters.

Product Name: for Jigsaw Accessories Massage Adapter Bit
Material: ABS, EVA, silicone

Product List:
2*75mm connecting rod



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