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5 Files Style Portable Body Massage Gun

Product Features:
1.High working frequency
2.Noiseless and low working DB.
3.Over 3hours fully endurance.
4.5Levels different working modes.
5.6pcs heavy capacity lithium battery.

Using Attention:
1. When working, do not place your hand or other parts close to the metal pole that is reciprocating at high speed.
2. Do not use other product's accessories and power adapter together with our theragun,the accessories and power adapter on
ly suitable for our theragun.
3. Do not put the massage theragun on your head, and do not roll the massage head and connecting pole into your hair.
4. This product is a muscle relaxation product, it is forbidden to use this product for bone relaxation.
5. Do not put the massage theragun into the water to avoid short circuit problems.
6. Do not cover the motor outlet of theragun to avoid poor heat dissipation.



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